Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catch up!!

Alright... it really has been sometime since I have updated the blog. So really quickly I am going to put in a quick synopsis of what we have done since November.
This was Conor's first day of school. He was such a little chubba!! :)

Christmas 2008 was spent here in San Diego. Conor enjoyed his first Christmas and spent most of the day sleeping. Andrew was a lot of fun this year! He understood that he got to open presents!

We went to Christmas Card Lane in Rancho Penosquitos during the week before Christmas. As we were walking down the street, Andrew saw this Elmo cutout, yelled out Elmo and proceeded to place himself on the ground in front of it ready for his picture to be taken! It was very cute!

We had Conor really bundled up, it was a cold night!

Opa with Conor after Christmas Eve service at RBCPC. They had live animals for the children to see and pet after the service.

Craig, Conor, Tim, and Andrew with the camels.

Christmas morning, neither Dada or Conor are quite awake yet!

A few days after Christmas we took our family photos. Conor was really tired, and barely stayed awake through the whole event!

Conor and Andrew playing on the floor at Oma and Opa's house.

Christmas morning, Momma and Conor.

Momma and Conor getting ready to take pictures.

I failed in January (bad Momma) to get many pictures of Conor. Here is he at the end of the month eating his first bowl of rice cereal.

In February, Craig, Conor, and I went to Utah to visit Tim, Jess, and Andrew. While we were there we took some family pictures (Thank you Jessica) {To be posted soon!}, we went to a volleyball game, and we went snowboarding. Fun times!! :)

Did I mention that BYU played UCSD at the volleyball game?!? (Thank you Melford for the fabulous shirt!) Too bad we lost, not surprised though....

At the airport.

At the end of February, Courtney turned 30 and a group of us went out to the Hardrock for the evening. Ricky and Brittney met up with us too!

Before we looked too beat up! :)

Happy Birthday Wildman!

At the Hardrock before we went down stairs.

Viva la Europe 2007!

Here is a recent picture of Conor playing and laughing at home. He is such a sweetie!! It will not be long till we have to put up all the baby gates (all four of them!) in our house, he is on the verge of crawling/ scooting. He lifts his little bum up into the air and gets on all 4's, but if he tries to move he slides backwards. He'll get it soon!!

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